Thomson, Emma Jane

As a younger woman living with incurable Stage IV cancer, I took up painting and writing (mostly haikus!) as a welcome distraction from life in ‘Cancerland’. I work in oils, painting abstract, expressionistic landscapes. Inspiration for these is garnered from places real and imagined and I aim to capture, not a picture postcard representation, more the sense of a place and the memory or feeling it evokes. I’m inspired by our country’s land, light, sea and sky and by views bleak or beautiful (preferably both!). I’m also working on a series of paintings inspired by the Northern Lights – and a trip to see them in real life is still on my bucket list! Although I only took up oil painting fairly recently, I’ve already been fortunate enough to have work accepted at the RSA and RGI annual open exhibitions. It’s also an honour to be included again in this show and to support in some small way the vital work Macmillan do for those, like me, facing a diagnosis of cancer and a uncertain future.