Chapman, Sheila

I am a professional artist living and working in Edinburgh. I studied physics originally and worked as a patent attorney for many years before deciding to change direction. I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2016. I’m inspired by nature and the landscape and am particularly interested in the way people experience and connect with nature in our modern world, especially those of us who live in the city. I exhibit regularly in Edinburgh and beyond, and sell my work via galleries and online.

I love colour and the fluidity of paint and trying to capture the richness of life in painted texture and marks. At the start of each work I like to use very fluid acrylic paint in pools and runs, letting the paint flow naturally in its own paths, while at the same time trying to coax it into shapes capturing the character of the subject. As the painting progresses I usually switch to oil paint to give more richness and depth to the colours, and achieve greater detail and texture.