Nicholson, Stevie

The artist is highly driven and loves creating ambitious ideas that not only challenge himself as a person but exceed expectations of himself and the everyday viewer. Stevie’s main strengths as an artist lie in painting and sculpture converging on scale and presence. Stevie recently achieved a BA(HON) in contemporary art practice in Glasgow, Scotland and is pursuing his passion for painting. Stevie’s current work is highly experimental in search of something exciting and unique. His painting focus is driven through the human form, highly influence by the structure of the face. He strives to use the human form in a less traditional viewing and takes it into a more contemporary aspect. The approach focuses on mark making to create vibrancy and energy. The work then becomes about risk and confidence, learning what colours work were, becoming entwined with the fascination of texture and mark making using various tools from pallet knifes, scrapers, to plaster cards.