Mickevica, Anna

Anna Mickevica is a Scottish fine artist with Belarus roots who was born in Latvia in 1990. Through the long self-research Anna found herself in the mixture of abstract- The main idea behind her works reflects complete freedom and natural harmony of human perception of life and art which in Anna`s opinion are two sides of the same coin. “it is so important to use every opportunity on a canvas the same way as in life, and to make good out of bad and perceive mistakes as a new opportunity for change.” Simplicity is also an important element which expresses the foundation of her art. Figurative painting is a compulsory element of Anna`s art practice. Her idea was to depict the human body in a way, that everyone can be an artist while looking at the work. “I want my paintings to be completely free, I want the viewer to be an artist, I want him to decide what is there and who is there” . ​