Hill, Rebekah

Maps are created by humans for humans. They tell us where we are and how to get somewhere else. Maps express complex information yet they do not tell the stories of that area. By removing the written word, we find ourselves lost and confused in its system. When the political boundaries and labels are no longer there, we naturally search for details and features which mean something to us. My map series is an ongoing project which aims to document and preserve the otherwise forgotten monuments of war. Irrelevant and invisible concrete blocks were meant to protect the homes of people and preserve the landscape. Overtime these monoliths have begun to tilt and tumble until the land reclaims them to become another topographical compotent. Each defence had a long arduous process of being made and I replicate that in the way I create my own work. My prints are controlled, multi-layered and tactile. Planning and plotting, I scar the paper much like the way concrete blocks scar the coastline.