Helliwell, Wendy

“My mixed media works are often experimental incorporating recycled materials and are gradually built up and brought to life bonded by fashion, a natural arena for me to express myself. My integration of concept, colour and form express my aspirations of getting closer to the playful spirit of creativity and I aim to compose a narrative within the world of fashion from past, present and the future regularly featuring style and identity.” Wendy Helliwell is a visual artist working from her studio in Edinburgh where her works have an arresting mix of colour which is balanced with a complimenting uniformed composition which pulls the viewer in whilst fine detail work keeps them engaged with the unusual textures and funnelled narrative of fashion, culture and identity. With her influences being taken from glossy magazines, media cuttings regularly feature along with acrylics, pastels, charcoal, nail polish, ink and many other materials including throw away effects.