Wellesley-Davies, Edd

I work under my artistic alias “Eddscape”, I like to draw things that show – the passage of time; the beauty of a moment; the majesty of presence. ​I love sharp lines, bright colours, rough textures, patterns and a little humour. Urban, industrial, residential and rural scenes all feature in my work​. I am always on the look out for inspiration and with my camera as my viewfinder I am constantly snapping views, skies and textures which I use in my art.
I was born in Dorset and grew up near Reading in Berkshire. I attended Maidenhead Art College, where I took Foundation Art and gained a place at UWE in Bristol where I achieved a BaHons in Fine Art.
Since leaving university I’ve lived in Bristol, London and Edinburgh. I now reside in the “Honest Toun” of Musselburgh and work in my Edinburgh studio tucked behind the Easter Rd Stadium.
I have exhibited extensively in Edinburgh and been featured in the Edinburgh Evening News, STV Online and Creative Collective Magazine.