Steenhauer, Kate

As a fine artist, I produce work on heritage, landmarks and industries. Herein I capture people in action absorbed in work and play, and at one with their environment. Drawings are created at unique locations, amidst the hustle and bustle, preferably with production in full swing. These moments are transformed into contemporary images using oil paintings, printmaking and Japanese ink. Movement is one of the key things I like to capture in my work.

Current work includes interdisciplinary collaborations involving live drawing in Japanese ink unfolding on a screen through a projector and interacting with a narrative on a live stage, one with Creative Writer Shane Strachan, the other with Choreographer/Dancer Imogene Newland and Sound Artist Suk-Jun Kim. These performances hold elements of risk, and are real and fresh, for both audience and artists. These theatre performances are transformed into audio-visual installations and Japanese ink drawing on rice-paper for gallery environments.