Morris, Julie

I have been an artist for 25 years. My full time job began as an artist painting thimbles for a company that sold them by mail order. Today I still work for them part time but I no longer paint them by hand. They are painted on watercolour paper and then shrunk and made into transfers which get fired onto their thimbles and mugs etc. In between that I paint old buildings and old cottages in watercolour which are exhibited in a few Galleries , mostly in the Borders of Scotland. My passion is painting places that I love. Edinburgh is a favourite because of its history and beautiful buildings. The Scottish Borders where my Grandparents lived. Beautiful scenery. I paint in detail but try to pick subjects that are taken at unusual angles to give them a modern feel. Last year I was delighted to show and sell one of my Edinburgh paintings called “Reflections” in the Royal Scottish Academy.