Lavender, Lindsey


I am an Edinburgh based professional artist. I grew up in the North of England and originally trained as an architect. Several years ago I made a decision to change profession, returning to a career in art through study at Edinburgh College of Art. I am a multi-award winning artist. I maintain a busy schedule of exhibiting my work throughout the UK and am represented in both public and private art collections. I am an elected Professional Member of both the Society of Scottish Artists and Visual Arts Scotland.


I am drawn to the structural elements of cities: stairways, doorways, arches, bridges; points of transition/ thresholds. I am interested in the way in which light interacts with the mundane; the transformative effect of sunlight and shade on something very ordinary. Elements which we couldn’t manage without but usually choose not to focus on. Colour and perspective are important features of my work but the key focus is always the light.