Jones, Kittie

Part of my drive as an artist is to document and celebrate the overlooked – time in the landscape is spent in tucked away spaces, out of sight of most human activity. I seek places where I can view the dynamic natural environment without being noticed. On drawing trips I will settle in a promising spot and start to develop work from there. The energy in my work comes from the constantly changing elements of the natural world – birds moving in and out of vision; the shifting quality of weather and light. My attempts to capture the change are what interests me, as well as my enchantment with a world which, as a human, I will only ever occupy the edge of.
I work outdoors with a variety of materials and regularly finish work on site, watching with interest as a piece changes over the course of a day. Back in the studio I develop sketches into screen prints and monotypes, allowing a distillation and expressive response to my experiences of the world around me.