Chiu, Yi-Chieh

I work primarily on photomechanical processes with a great interest of combining photography and printmaking. In this stage, I dedicate myself to the imitation of the predecessors who have worked on similar methods. I not only examine their approach but also their interest and concern. With this effort, I want to learn how to place my own works in the artistic tradition of the West. I print my own photographs and I also use the images of my family. I believe my family’s strong interest in interpersonal relations can diversify my aesthetics and enhance my creativity. I also believe this method helps me reassess my relationship with the people I left behind in Taiwan. In addition to the explorations of techniques, I also take photographs for dancers and performers with the hope to broaden my artistic scope. When I am not working on photography and printmaking, I tutor Latin and translate articles for academics back in Taiwan and USA.