Breen, Mary

I have always loved and been fascinated by ephemeral beauty, mainly in nature and in food, and also by the sheer mystery of the magnificence of colour, scent and taste. I am intrigued by the depths of the dark earth which can produce an intoxicating essence of life through light and colour.
This is where my search begins and my aim is to find depths and to simplify shape, colour and form in simple colour movements – something which pleases and gives a sense of provenance and harmony in such a busy and technical world – a quiet transience caught for a moment in time so we can appreciate the feeling long after the moment has passed.
Having cooked for years, painting with my food in terms of balance, flavour and colour, I now want take that same simple message on a palate instead of plate – not following recipes, but looking at what I have and what I need to bring my painting to life and to bring my mood to a place I want to be each time I see it.